[Harp-L] Joe Spiers - New Business Model - OUTSTANDING!

Just wanted to give a shout out to everybody regarding Joe Spiers new business model. Joe's reputation for quality work is unsurpassed and now with his new menu of services...it is available to everybody!  After communicating with Joe regarding my playing style, I just had 6 Marine Band Deluxes, customized at the "Pro Stock " level. I didn't know what to expect since until now I played out of the box harps. Well the difference is like night and day, the only downside is they render my box full of stock Deluxes and Crossovers virtually unplayable! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some of these fine instruments. Joe is a true craftsman, has  great attention to detail and customer service that can't be  beat. Please note, I am just an extremely happy paying customer, not an endorsed pro.

Check out: spiersharmonicas.com


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