[Harp-L] good tip - was Harmonica key id's

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Wed Dec 7 21:10:44 EST 2016

 Jamie Home wrote:
I personally have never used stickers but as an alternative I use a black medium sharpie on light colored combs and a white oil based Sharpie called "paint" on black or dark combs. This product adheres to wood glass plastic etc. it's not for everyone I'm sure but it works great for my needs and the gig case I use as my harps are all vertical with key noted on the end (side of comb). Last quite a while and easy to touch up if need be. 

> On Dec 5, 2016, at 10:47 PM, Mike Schmitt <mike at xxxxx> wrote:
> I have notice little round tabs that a lot of harp players stick on their harps to easily identify the key of the harp. Where do you get those? 

Thanks for the tip, Jamie. I bought a white Sharpy Paint pen and it seems to be a great idea for those of us who need to ID a harp on the very end of the instrument.  The version that I bought is a "chisel tip" but in retrospect think a fine tip might have been a better choice for the tight space on the end of a harp. Nevertheless, this proves to be a very good idea for me whose harps stand on end in my harp case. 
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