[Harp-L] Inner ear monitor

Aongus Mac Cana amaccana@xxxxx
Tue Aug 30 13:20:19 EDT 2016

I guess you guys are too professional for me. I am happy to just try and
play the darned thing in a Trad session of up to twenty musicians playing
everything from fiddle and banjo to tin whistle, concert flute and powerful
Paolo Soprani. In this environment it is difficult - if not  impossible to
hear yourself. 

Rick Epping gave us the tip at Willie Clancy School one year to put your
finger in one ear.

I am slightly wary of this policy, in case my next door musician may think I
am making a statement about his playing and may deliver me a clout.

This year at the Willie Clancy festival the sound man must have had a
hearing difficulty, because the amplification level at some of the concerts
was at the threshold of pain.

In self defence I purchased a pair of ear plugs in the local pharmacy. They

Then I got a brain wave. Why not try just one  ear plug in a trad session
instead of ostentatiously sticking a finger in my ear? This worked too.


Aongus Mac Cana 

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