[Harp-L] Inner ear monitor

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Mon Aug 29 14:05:39 EDT 2016

Have you looked at any of the small stand mounted personal monitors  that 
are currently available?  These are  typically self-powered units which 
present a front  mounted volume control within easy reach.  I myself don't like 
to  fuss with extra gear, but this approach may work well for some on the  
Concerns:  An extra item to carry and set up - Potential feedback  issues - 
Might affect other musicians on the stage - It may only add  to the "volume 
I'm in Joe's corner in regard to stage volume, wish the norm was that  I 
could use a 15-30 watt amp and still be able to hear myself with a 5pc  band.  
Gigs with just my guys make that possible, but when playing with  others I 
often need the output and room coverage of a higher  powered 4-10 such as a 
Bassman, Harpgear 50, Super Sonny or  a Harp King.  You might just need a 
bigger amp for the situations you  play in.
Christopher Richards
www .harmonicaplanet.com 
Producer - International Blues Blowoff

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