[Harp-L] Inner ear monitor

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Mon Aug 29 22:42:19 EDT 2016

Everyone worries about hearing themselves. If we worried about hearing each
there wouldn't be any volume problems. I vary rarely see any band that is
not playing
too loud, for me.

On 30 August 2016 at 04:18, Joseph Leone <3n037 at xxxxx> wrote:

> Yeah Larry, I feel ya. Then after sending, I realized that my experiences
> may differ from others. That’s why I wrote (others may differ). I seem to
> do that automatically. I guess I am used to
> playing the first set with lower volume because people are still eating.
> Then we crank it up a bit as people start to dance. By the third set, we’re
> cranking about as much as we dare. Since
> we’re all older we had been through the ‘volume wars’. One of us usually
> handles the sound, so everything is ginchy. I never understood sound men.
> Are they all hearing impaired? lolol.
> smo-joe
> > On Aug 29, 2016, at 1:26 PM, Larry Sandy <slyou65 at xxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > See, that's what I'm talking about..... others too loud for me to hear
> myself clearly.  Unfortunately I have no control of their volume, only
> mine.  And if I crank it up and they cannot hear themselves, well, the
> loudness spiral commences.  Time to take a seat.  Or get out the in ear
> monitors.
> >
> > Lockjaw
> > Hearing tinnitus tunes daily
> >
> >
> > On Sunday, August 28, 2016 6:28 PM, Joseph Leone <3n037 at xxxxx>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > I have been playing in supper clubs for decades and decades and my own
> personal feeling (others may differ), is that if you are having trouble
> hearing yourself, the band is too loud.
> > If you are using a mike and still can’t hear yourself, the band is too
> loud. Most people have hearing that can handle a huge range and volume of
> sound(s). So I would be wary of over
> > volume. They either aren’t interested in hearing the many nuances of the
> shaped tones of a harmonica…or they’re deaf. Sorry if I have offended
> anyone.
> >
> > smokey-joe
> >
> > p.s. we have used Greg Heuman’s mikes at our jazz jams for years. They
> give you everything you need to have.

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