[Harp-L] New Chromatic Option from Seydel

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Did you find a good way to reassemble your Seydel slide mechanism? If not then I could tell you how I do it. It's easy to do but it was frustrating getting to my solution.


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> On Jul 1, 2016, at 7:57 AM, JOEL HENNER <joelhenner at xxxxx> wrote:
> Neil:  Thanks for posting about Seydel¹s Chromatic Delux.  I wonder if you
> can give me some tips to get better performance out of my Seydel chromatics.
> 1) I have found the Saxony to have beautiful tonal qualities and a great
> feel in my hands, but when it comes time to clean the slide mechanism I have
> found it impossible to re-assemble the harmonica.  The slide has to be held
> all the way in, in order to get the screws to seat properly, and the spring
> tail is so short that it fails to properly engage the actuator hole on the
> slide as you try to re-assemble it.  I have one in pieces now that I cannot
> get back together.  I have never had this sort of problem cleaning Hohner or
> Suzuki chromatics. 
> 2) I purchased a Delux, which you demonstrated in the video, and I find
> there is an unacceptable level of leakage around the sound holes resulting
> in activation of the notes on either side of the target note;  I can also
> feel air escaping around the top and bottom side of the mouthpiece.  It
> seems like it is just not attached tightly enough to the harp body.  I have
> toyed with the idea of trying to adjust the mouthpiece, but given my
> experience with Seydel¹s Saxony I am hesitant to start messing around with
> this for fear of ruining yet another costly harmonica.
> Since you have  a connection with the manufacturer, I wonder if you¹d mind
> giving them some feedback about these problems and possibly re-posting some
> follow-up response from them for me and others who own or are considering
> purchasing a Seydel Chromatic.  I¹d love to be able to resuscitate my dead
> Saxony, and also get some useful playing out of my Delux.
> Thanks!  Joel
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> To the serious chromatic players, here is a new guy in town - less expensive
> than the Saxony due to modern manufacturing advances, yet a top performer.
> Give it a listen:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGXJLrqbe3Q

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