[Harp-L] Reed-gap knob.

turbodog@xxxxx turbodog@xxxxx
Tue Aug 9 15:03:06 EDT 2016

Harp-l friends.  

I would appreciate your advice. 

For the past several months (more honestly, years) I've been working on a
reedplate that has a little screw on each of the reeds for fine-adjusting
the gap. 

The premise is that gapping is so critical to bending, overdrawing, and
choking; yet also depends on the player's embouchure. I wanted to provide a
way to make teeny tiny adjustments without physically bending the reeds
through trial and error.

The modification is currently a bit tedious for me, so I'm wondering if this
adjustment is really needed on all 20 reeds, or just a few of the "problem"
reeds.  I'm very receptive to your advice.

Jim "Turbodog" Antaki

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