[Harp-L] Fine Tuning Knob

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Tue Aug 9 15:03:06 EDT 2016

Harp-L Friends,

While I've got you on the line, I'd like to solicit your advice about
another modification I've been working on, namely a screw adjustment to
fine-tune the pitch of each reed.  Like you'd do a guitar, banjo, piano...
virtually any other instrument.

This is something I demo'd at last year's SPAH, but has been sitting on my
desk ever since. It is a variation on the "Turboslide" harp with the
magnetic-bending slider bar-button. Ostensibly, it could be set up to lower
the pitch of any reed by a couple of semitones. For example to convert the
harp to minor tuning... and back.  But my original objective was just to
provide fine tuning for players who are particular about their

My question is the same as the one I just posted. Is there any particular
reed or set of reeds that are more important than others?

Thanks in advance for your helpful advice.

Jim "Turbodog" Antaki

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