[Harp-L] BlowsMeAway at SPAH

Grant Walters grant@xxxxx
Fri Aug 5 14:39:48 EDT 2016

Self Promotion ;

I would say you have earned it…

I just bought the new bulletini  two weeks ago...after using Andy Santana’s mic.

This is really a great jump forward when it come to cupping when I need to push the sound…
or get vocal like expression and phrasing…

The mic gives you better control of the expression you can get when opening and closing your cupped hands.
Great element and style …too.

I am still having Greg build me another Ultimate 54 and a bulletizer…

I had one for a long time and used it until it just fell apart from abuse.. ( by me) 
at working gigs.

The Ultimate 54 is a bit dirty …for an edge…but clean enough for me
to pose as part of a horn section.

I like having the Cleaner tone when it is not the right setting for the nasty blues sound
and actually beef up the harmonies by singing just off the mic while holding next to the vocal mic….

I Play both through an Avenger ( Sonny Jr)….

I have a good size collection of harp mics….vintage…
but I want the best sound I can possibly get and these Blowsmeaway mics work the best for my 
every day gigs…

Just saying…try it out...

Have a great time…wish I could take time off to hang….

I am not a hot shot endorsee of Greg’s 
Not even a close friend…etc…
Just a hard working Harp player…looking for the best sound.

Grant Walters….Hard working harp player.

On Aug 5, 2016, at 10:11 AM, Greg Heumann <greg at xxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, Folks
> I hope you’ll permit me this one self-promotional email for the year. 
> Just a quick announcement that BlowsMeAway will be in the vendor area at SPAH this year, with everything at 10% off my regular list prices. Add to that the savings on shipping and no CA Sales Tax and you could save a bundle there. Most other vendors offer similar show discounts. BlowsMeaway will again have our custom hardwood microphones, the renowned Ultimate Series mics (including the Ultimate 58 for all you jazz chromatic players), the amazing new Bulletini microphone - not to mention wireless systems, adapters, volume controls, cables and more. 
> Have a question about playing amplified? Come by the booth. That’s what I’m there for!
> /Greg Heumann
> http://blowsmeaway.com
> http://facebook.com/blowsmeawayproductions
> "You’re going to like the way you sound. I guarantee it."

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