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Nice to hear some chatter about the Steve Baker Special. I learned about it from your book, Steve, "The Harp Handbook."

My goal was to play in the range of an alto sax extending down as far as low Db. Most of the harps I am using are either 12 or 10 hole SBS-inspired. Either a Seydel Pro 12, or the middle 10 holes of a Pro 12 configured in a 10-hole harp. The 10-hole version is especially nice in 2nd position with the root in 1-draw, but it also opens up 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th positions adding another full octave at the low end.

I started out playing Charlie Parker lines and soon realized a Marine Band wasn't going to cut it, especially on the low end, and that for that purpose I didn't need the higher notes. While a low harp would work, the SBS configuration requires less over-blow/draw playing. I play a MB occasionally, but mostly for drill. I still think in terms of MB hole numbers when paying SBS harps.

There is real potential for harp-duo sounds in a combo context when one of the harps is low. The low harp can play low harmony or low riffs behind the other harp. This has led to some happy accidents at jam sessions.

IMHO the SBS is the way to go.
Now's The Time.
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