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>> What was the intended purpose of the SBS tuning?
> This tuning extends the range of bendable draw notes downwards by repeating the note configuration in holes 1-3 one octave lower, retaining their familiar pattern. It's described in detail in the Harp Handbook. This permits many phrasings in 2nd or 5th positions to be played in the exactly same way over a range of 2 octaves instead of only a single octave.
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Steve.. Your SBS tuning is just great use of the Hohner 365. 
As well as the trusted Marine Band I used it extensively in my jump blues band days and it was particularly useful for horn section sounds playing big octaves in cross harp across the first and second register. It rocked too as backup as well as solos on Fats Domino New Orleans type numbers in 2nd position ! Its mellower tone, maybe because it is wider than a standard diatonic, makes it really useful in 2nd position  playing in Keys A and C. I still use em as well as other harps with my gypsy jazz band. 

As I mentioned to you a couple of Spahâs ago our good friend and  harp tech genius Richard Sleigh cut some down for me to 12 holes and 364 covers, so much easier to hold and cup..and as a âcoup de grace'  he retuned one to Eb so swing can rule in Bb !  I also noticed  some time ago that Brendan retuned a few SBS âs to Paddy Tuning which worked well playing in 4th position, and he should know..! 

SBSâs..Perfect for both Democrats and Republicans..!! 

Peter Golding

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