Re: [Harp-L] simulate horn section

BTW, here is a title present on my new album (more or less inspired by
Miles), which could illustrate partly this post, I guess.
The idea was not to simulate any other instrument, but to create an
original sound which would add a sort of "horn flavour" to the more
classical sound of the guitar.

I think with a slight wah-wa on the attacks, another configuration for the
delays, & a longer reverb, I wouldn't be that far from a trumpet-like
sound. Not sure though, tell me what you think.

I've used the same sound here, and, as said by others, the licks have a
real impact on the sensation we get from the sound, as I don't feel any
horn thing here :

It is not only a question of lick, btw. I think it also depends on the way
you articulate each note. Of course, if you slightly bend each attack &
release, with a good effect, you'll be able to reproduce the way sax
players use their reed to delay & bend the attack of their note (first
example partly illustrate this).
But if you play very straight, the result is very different (2nd example).

Best regards,

Jerome Peyrelevade

2016-04-24 16:44 GMT+02:00 Mike Wilbur <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I would agree with all of that John....I enjoy playing " horn parts " but
> would not want to
> enhance with buzzers and whirlie gigs to attempt to copy horns....just my
> personal preference's
> Fun to approach horn sound.
> Having heard some attempts at Miles Davis tunes on harmonica ....I'm not
> sure
> that's reasonable ....but certainly harmonica belongs in a horn section.
> again JMHO
> Mike Wilbur
> > On Apr 24, 2016, at 10:10 AM, MundHarp@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > In my opinion, using "Synths" or "Effects" to REPLICATE a horn section
> > does not work... Because it sounds ELECTRONIC! That isn't to say it
> can't still
> > sound good! But simply as an alternative sound TO a brass section.
> > I have been playing "electric" as well as "acoustic" harmonica for
> donkey's
> > years.
> > I HAVE often performed gigs WITH "brass sections" Saxes, trumpets,
> flugel,
> > trombones etc etc... The harmonica can ADD A LOT to that. As an extra
> > "voice'... I have used both chromatic and diatonic harps to do this....
> > So try playing WITH a horn section....
> > A harmonica can really ADD something special.
> > But a good keyboard synth will "replicate" a horn section better than a
> > harmonica. (Not as well as the real thing.)
> > Use a harmonica to IMPROVE the sound... Not to COPY!
> >
> > John "Whiteboy" Walden
> > Just now,
> > COLD
> > In bonnie Scotland.
> >

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