Re: [Harp-L] simulate horn section

In my opinion, using "Synths" or "Effects" to REPLICATE a horn section  
does not work... Because it sounds ELECTRONIC! That isn't to say it can't still 
 sound good! But simply as an alternative sound TO a brass section.
I have been playing "electric" as well as "acoustic" harmonica for donkey's 
I HAVE often performed gigs WITH "brass sections" Saxes, trumpets,  flugel, 
trombones etc etc... The harmonica can ADD A LOT to that. As an extra  
"voice'... I have used both chromatic and diatonic harps to do this....
So try playing WITH a horn section....
A harmonica can really ADD something special.
But a good keyboard synth will "replicate" a horn section better than a  
harmonica. (Not as well as the real thing.)
Use a harmonica to IMPROVE the sound... Not to COPY!
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now,
In bonnie Scotland.

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