Re: [Harp-L] Re: TEST DRIVE: ZT Lunchbox Junior amp

Briefly looking on the internet for the "ZT Lunchbox Junior amp", I
found one that was 35W and another (newer version?) that was 200W.

That would be a big difference in loudness.

Found several YouTube videos too.

Those of you that have one and using it, what is the wattage, and how
long have you had it ?

Ken H in OH

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 9:25 AM, martin oldsberg
<martinoldsberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I had finally found a local music store that held these things, I was told that they would not sell them anymore. There hade been too much trouble with defective parts etc, so they discontinued the brand.
> This was a year ago. I have zero personal knowledge in the matter, and hopefully the company have straightened out their QAS, so this is just a caveat emptor,from,Martinin Sweden
>> TEST DRIVE: ZT Lunchbox Junior amp
>> My harp student asked me to play his amp at the Sunday jam.
>> Impressive!
>> I usually run my FX ampless to the house.
>> But I walked wireless in the room and this little beastie covered it from
>> the stage!
>> And not just full roar screaming crunch, either.
>> Actually held some decent clean tones for Leslie effect and envelope
>> follower

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