Re: [Harp-L] Copper/Stainless Steel Combs for Marine Band and Golden Melody

Mark Lavoie at one time had titanium harmonica combs for sale. I think he stopped having them made a long time ago. I didn't see them mentioned on his current website. He claimed the ti combs had an effect on the tone of the harmonica.

Maybe what was seen that was copper coloured was bronze. Good quality bronze can be quite red in colour. There's also red brass as an alloy and it's noticeably red.

Plumbing brass is now all lead free in the USA. Is the brass used to machine combs for harmonicas lead free? I'd say with certainty that any of the older brass combs had lead in the alloy. The machine-ability of the lead alloyed brass being superior to the lead free brasses.

Steve Grimm does currently list stainless steel combs on his website but I haven't tried to buy anything from Steve in oved a decade so I have no idea if he still has them available. fjm

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