[Harp-L] re: Rockabilly

"Any examples of good rockabilly harp playing out there?"
The rockabilly question has made we wonder quite a bit through the years (aside from tattoos, hair and Betty) -- why no harmonica?ÂÂ I donÂt think those bands mentioned in another post really qualifies; but IÂm certain that a good harmonica player with a reasonably dirty sound would fit perfectly in a classic rockabilly context: hollowbody guitar, double bass, minimal drum-set.ÂÂÂ 
 Occasionally thereÂs a sax to be found, sometimes piano, but not much else. My suspicion is that rockabilly bands are like bluegrass bands, quite wary of things that donÂt fit in the traditional mould. (Apart from the fact that harmonica players generally tend to show less skill than practitioners of other instruments. ThatÂs our plight.)

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