Re: [Harp-L] funny harmonica video

Hi Konstantin, Your video is awesome!  Really well done and excellent,
tasteful playing as well.

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 5:28 AM, Konstantin Kolesnichenko <wheel.k@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello everybody!
> This is the video for one of the songs from my new studio album. I had a
> lot of fun creating this video so I hope you like it :)
> Album was recorded with best musicians in my town, they really delivers
> good music.
> From now my album is available through a lot of on-line stores. If you are
> interested in it please check these links:
> CDbaby:
> Amazon:
> ITunes:
> Google Music:
> It's kind of mixed genre recording: some funk, some soul, some jazz and
> bossa and of course some blues :)
> Here is some reviews that I get from one and only Boris Plotnikov and
> maestro David Barrett himself!
> David Barett:
> "A very well produced recording... good musicians, good recording quality
> and fine playing from you. Tasty use of effects (never over the top) and
> enjoyable songs to listen to. Very well done."
> Boris Plotnikov:
> "Not common for harmonica!
> From the very beginning of my harmonica journey I was wondered, why most
> harmonica players perform the same Little Walter stuff and although I love
> this stuff too I always look for harmonica players who think outside the
> box. Konstantin is one of these guys! EP is still in tradition it's funky,
> jazzy, but it's uncommon to hear such good harmonica playing in this music.
> Konstantin have some very bright ideas in his playing. I dig harmonica
> tone, especially fat warm overdriven tone."
> ---

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