Re: [Harp-L] Charlie and Elvin

Hope you recorded. Great times,,,,still,,great artists! 

    On Friday, November 20, 2015 3:53 PM, Grant Walters <grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 At a benefit I played at last night the following act was Elvin Bishop with Charlie Musselwhite.

For orphans in Haiti ..

they played as a duoâ

Charlie played through my ampâ( Sonny jr. avenger) with an ultimate mic. 

(both items IÂ picked up from a Harp-l membersâ.) 

He liked the Ultimate 545 with bulletizerââ

Blowsmeaway mics with a little cut to themâlike the 545 âare pretty hard to beatâ.in that setting.

The sound was really great âreally well rounded but just enough break upâand Charlie likes keeping it real.

The two of them really had a blastâ

Obviously enjoyed each otherâ.and have great history.

Audience loved itâ.

Elvin just inducted to Hall of fameâ

No âI do not sound like Charlie when I play through the same kitâ

Grant Walters

Just a noteâIâve been finding some inspiration from following Richard Sleighâs 
words of harmonica inspirationâ
Iâve never met the guyâbut he really hits on some interesting practice and practical words of wisdom...

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