Re: [Harp-L] Re: Marine Band Harmonica Repairs

As you say, the reed plates are basically identical, but the sandwich construction of the MBDL means it's much easier to work on them without removing them from the comb, especially if you just need to make a quick tuning adjustment. The Sp20 reed plates are recessed and I find it more difficult to work on them due to this.

Steve Baker

> On 21 Nov 2015, at 00:51, <fssharp@xxxxxxxxx> <fssharp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Steve Baker writes:
> "Due to its sandwich construction, the MBDL is in my opinion the most easily
> adjustable harmonica around (a lot easier than a Sp.20)"
> I find this very interesting, Steve.  As a Special 20 devotee, and one who
> adjusts (gaps & profiles) these fine harps all the time, I am wondering why
> the MBDL is easier to adjust than my beloved Sp 20?  Aren't the plates the
> same? Care to elucidate?
> Regards, 
> Fred S

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