Re: [Harp-L] harp key???

He can play with the same harp in seventh position.

You can find this kind of things with the circle of fifths :

For example, let's say your friend was playing in G with a C harmonica. If
the tune is dropped half a step, it means you go from G to Gb (or F#). On
the circle, if you start on C, G is the second position, D is the third etc
... Gb is therefore the seventh position.

It's playable, but your friend has to get a lot of technic to do so. It's
not easy to play chromatic on a diatonic harmonica, but it's not as hard as
depicted by M. Hunter. It's really really really hard, but it doesn't take
a lifetime if you concentrate on it. You can find Sebastien Charlier who
plays chromatic jazz with a diatonic. Mariano Massolo is also a great jazz
player who controls its bends. I play harmonica for 2 years and a half and
I'm able to play the first two chromatic octaves (accuracy of notes is not
perfect, but I'm working hard on it). The first hole overblow is the only
note I can't reach yet (but not for long I hope haha). It's more about
being used to use a "scale" and the transitions between the notes.

Anyway, M. Hunter is right, it's much more easy to just get the right harp
(B harp in your case) and your friend should learn at least basic music
theory ;)


Sebastien Fremal

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