[Harp-L] Amp for sale

I have a really nice Weber 5F2H amp for sale. The cabinet is the size of a Tweed Deluxe to fit a 10" and 8" speakers. I tried many different tube and speaker combinations and what I found to sound the best are a Gold Lion KT66 power tube, a vintage 5V4 rectifier, and a vintage 5751 preamp tube. The speakers are a 10" Weber vintage VST P10Q and an 8" Weber 8A125-O. The only modification I made was a 39k resistor instead of a 27k in the B+ rail which darkens the tone a bit. The amp is covered in old style off white tolex with oxblood grill cloth without the gold horizontal lines. I do some leather work on the side and made a black garment leather cover for it. It is a sweet looking and sounding amp that I built myself, among several. If you Google search 5F2H amp there is a Youtube video of another similar amp that I sold previously and a link to a review on Blues Harp Amps that was the reason I built these amps. I don't play much now, so am selling off some things. I'll sell this for $500.00 and I'll pay shipping in the lower 48. That's a steal, the kit, tubes and speakers are worth considerably more than that. If interested, email me at <lmsattler@xxxxxxx> and I can send you some pictures. 
Lare "Shoeshine" SattlerÂÂÂÂÂÂ The Little Chicago BandÂÂÂÂÂ Canton Ohio

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