Re: [Harp-L] Steve Baker Playalongs (was Rockabilly)

Steve, In the same vein, I wanted to order one of the sets, but unsure how  
to get it in English...there didn't seem to be a way to order it in 
English,  although it said English is available.
Blues Girl Phyllis
Isn't it wonderful the  way the world holds both the deeply serious, and 
the unexpectedly  mirthful?

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Steve wrote: I love playing rockabilly but rarely have the  opportunity.
Here's a link to a short excerpt:

Steve, I was  unaware of these offerings of yours  (instructional books 
with CD's) and  just listened to all 3 of the samples offered on your website . 
love your innovative playing, and find this stuff is some of the most  
interesting music harp instrumentals ever.  I'd like to own the 3  CD's.  Are 
available as music only, meaning can I buy the CD's  without the backing 
tracks and instruction books?
Ron - FL Keys,  USA

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