[Harp-L] musical choices vs life expectancy vis a vis The Polka

Do a google search on the phrase:

The Mysterious Connection Between Genre And A Musician's Life Expectancy

Lots of information, a tiny sample is here:

"....... the research revealed that country blues and gospel singers can expect to enjoy pretty much the same life expectancy as the general U.S. population. On the other hand, R&B, pop, folk, and “world” music (such as polka) singers had lower life spans than the rest of the U.S. population."

And the "this article probably doesn't apply to me and I'm going to sing more Polkas" escape clause.....

"While the percentage of musicians who die young may be larger than the general population, this does not necessarily mean that music is the cause for this."

good to know...

good article, worth a read. 

Of the instruments that I own, only the harmonica comes in so many keys, costs so little, and has room for magnets.


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