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Thanks for the reply, Mike.  I actually use the 1847s regularly.  I was raised on Special 20s, moved over to Golden Melodies when I fell across overblowing, and tried an 1847 at a SPAH around 7 years ago, and havenât looked back since.  I try different harps on occasion, but the 1847 just fits me best.  I like the Session Steel, too, but not as much as the 1847s.  And, for what itâs worth, my 1847s are now all over 5 years old, and still going strong!





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I hit on this in another post, but the harp isn't out until May and JP isn't even gigging with them yet.  It is a Seydel Antique Blues Favorite with Session Steel reed plates.  The only modification is the lacquer on the covers so they are smooth (well, I guess the coverplate stamp is different too).


Try a Session Steel. It is near the same thing.  If you typically play Special 20's like I do, you'll find the SS covers to sit higher and slightly change your embouchure.  I've sound using 1847 covers to be beneficial.  The Session Steel is a fantastic harp, and cheaper than the Fender version (well, in theory).

On Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7:34:22 AM UTC-6, Richard L Williger wrote:

Cool video of John Popper.  Thanks to whoever took it.  His style certainly 
is recognizable and fluid. 
Has anyone tried the new Fender harp he's hawking? 

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