Re: [Harp-L] John Popper Performance at NAMM 2015

J Schaman wrote:

Here is the complete John Popper performance at the Fender booth at NAMM
Thanks for that terrific link, John. Very high quality audio and video close-ups of a rare acoustic Popper.

I had seen the first part with him playing "Runaround," probably my favorite Blues Traveler song, but I hadn't seen the second song (the name of which I do not know -- I'll call it the "Train" song). Having listened to "Runaround" a thousand times or so I was more impressed with his "Train" song in which he really lets go with his pyrotechnic playing style. What I found particularly interesting were the close-ups of him playing (9:00 - 10:20), which you almost never see as most other videos I've seen are taken from a distance with him on a big stage. I loved watching all the things he does with his face, mouth and jaw and breathing. They are all orchestrated in constant motion of one kind or another. I noticed a heavy reliance on "jaw flicks," which it seems many really fast players use, but I had never seen Popper doing it.

Even if you don't care for his playing style, this high-quality video sequence of him with a single unseen guitar player in an acoustic setting offers a rare opportunity to gain insights into a great player's unique style.


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