Re: [Harp-L] online video of making hohner chromatic harmonicas, where is it?

On Jun 28, 2015, at 3:01 PM, jon kip wrote:
>  it is truly amazing to watch how fast the factory people do the setting of reeds.
> No wonder I have to retouch almost every reed to make them work nicely for me.
> That takes longer.
> Still, it's amazing watching them.
It all comes down to familiarity. A novice brick layer can only do so many bricks per day. Whereas an apprentice more, a journeyman more and a top mechanic even more.
I suspect that the technicians at the factories could be classed as top mechanics. And as such various levels of competence carry with them various levels of expectations.
A top mechanic, simply by virtue of receiving top mechanics pay is not expected to make mistakes. Lower levels can make increasing larger amounts in direct correlation
to their status decreasing. 

smo-joe (the nein of harps)

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