RE: [Harp-L] Amp for Guitar and Harmonica?

AB switch box to swap from harp to guitar. I am using a Memphis Mini amp which is set up for harp OOTB. So, I use a Boss 7 band EQ pedal to help dial in a decent Strat sound. The MM handles it well> The amp is small but I line out to the PA AND/OR use a powered monitor which when used with the line out gets loud for a 6 watt amp.
I am using Greg Hueman's Heuman Element in a JT30 shell with a volume control. The MM and HE mic are very reasonably priced and these 2 units match up really well.
I hope this gives you some ideas and good luck man.

> From: jr_parker_jr@xxxxxxxxxxx
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> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 02:25:43 -0600
> Subject: [Harp-L] Amp for Guitar and Harmonica?
> Hey all,
> Do any of you use the same amp for both electric guitar and harmonica?  Or do you have any recommendations of what might work?
> I recently got an electric guitar and I'd also like to start playing harp miced as well.  I'm looking for a practice/small venue amp.  I tested out a Fender Blues Junior on my guitar at guitar center, which sounded great, but after doing some research it seems the consensus is a Blues Junior should be modified before being used for harp.  My budget is maxed at $600, with the understanding I may have to get a pedal or two on top of the amp.  
> I don't have any harp mics at the moment, in case that would be relevant to someone's response.  I'm looking at getting either a bullet mic or a bottle o blues.
> Also, I realize I will likely end up getting two (or more) amps eventually.  However, budget-wise I'm hoping to get away with just one for a while.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> -JR 		 	   		  

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