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Yes, this is how I have done. The more you know about different
ways and techniques the more you can create something of your own. If
you are creative. 


On Mon, 1 Jun 2015 20:56:46 +0200, Ben
Bouman wrote: 

> Hi Helge 
> I agree with you. 
> I use Juke ( and
other songs) to study all possible techniques with a lot of my students
all over the world.. 
> It is very helpful for a player when he learns "
how to listen" to a song , analyzing techniques, practice these riffs
etc etc. 
> When you can play Juke as it was played by Little Walter,
next you can forget the original and play it your own way 
any other song in a way that suits you . 
> kindest regards, met
vriendelijke groeten, 
> Ben Bouman 
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>> Op 1 jun.
2015, om 20:11 heeft harmonica@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [1] het volgende
>> Hi, just a comment to this. When listening carefully
to Little
>> Walter you hear a lot of pulls and slaps. And how he
accompanies himself
>> between the phrases. Also on Juke, a lot. A style
I think he had cause
>> played so much alone before with a band. In the
opening of Too Late this
>> can be easily heard. Goes between the main
playing to accompanies in the
>> low register. Without the slaps, pulls,
tongue blocking and that kind of
>> accompanies impossible to catch
Little Walter sound. If needed or
>> wanted. The "melodies" are easy to
learn. These things really hard. That
>> is why "nobody" sounds like
Walter. Cotton played and plays a lot of
>> Walters riffs etc. but
without this Walter style. James has his own unik
>> sound although
playing a lot of Walters phrases. So in this way worth
>> trying to play
everything like Walter in Juke and other of his songs to
>> learn those
things that can be useful sometimes even if you want to be
>> yourself
with your own sound. This is how I feel. 
>> Helge
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