[Harp-L] Juke and Leap Frog

After listening once again to the hit and alternate versions of "Juke" I
think it is evident that LW had a lot of phrases he could use to play over
12 bar segments of an instrumental song.  My view is that he would play to
this instrumental groove and use whatever phrases appealed to him at the
time.  There are far more differences in the two versions than similarities
due to his use of different phrases or different renditions of similar
phrases for each 12 bar segment.

Either there was no one version of this song and he made it up as he went
each time, playing whichever phrase passed through his mind, or he was
forced to shorten his long live song to fit the record format.  Perhaps he
would play a much longer version live that included many more phrases than
could fit on a record side.

My belief is that his musical mind was full of ideas he could play over 12
bar segments, some his own, some riffs or melodies from other songs he had
heard played by horn bands, and he would just GO... and play.

Without the "Leap Frog" riff on the record would he have had a hit?  I
think so. That is a small part of the song.

Doug S.

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