Re: [Harp-L] HarpGear 30 for sale

The Harp Gear 30 amp has been sold. Thanks 

Ross Macdonald 

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I have a Harp Gear 30 2x8 I no longer need. Brian doesn't make this particular configuration anymore, but I have gigged with it for the past 6 years as my primary stage amp. The replacement from HarpGear is the 35, an upgrade in volume for sure, but it sells for more than $1,400 and you can own this one for half ($700) of that plus shipping. Has a Tuki cover and an Amp Clamp microphone clip as well as the Harp Gear line out. (a lot of sound people don't like a line out regardless of how great the sound is, so I bought a Sennheiser 609 mic and the amp clamp so I could get it set up for sound check ready without the sound guy who is usually too busy with the guitarists rig than the harp rig) . 

If interested let me know and I can send photos and sound clips. I like this rig a lot, but recently fell into a 50-watt mission Harp Amp for a ridiculous price and wife says I have too many amps now. I'll throw in some spare tubes as well. 

Ross Macdonald 

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