RE: [Harp-L] Meyers/Below "Off the Wall"

Mick Zaklan wrote:
>    Had the distinct pleasure of working a gig with Fred Below and
> mandolinist, Johnny Young.---What a thrill that must have been! I'm envious :-)> And I never saw them happier than when they were
> backing up legendary saxophonist Sonny Stitt and playing jazz standards all
> night at a Southside club..  Fred Below was dropping bombs at his kit like
> a bop drummer.
---This is amazing. You saw this, eh? I've got to get to a SPAH and just listen to you talk about this for about 10 hours. It confirms what I suspected from listening to the LW stuff; it is obvious from listening to how that band swung that Below [who I know was an educated musician] and the Meyers brothers had jazz leanings, but the thought of them playing with Sonny Stitt is thrilling. Of course the way they played with Walter was thrilling, too :-}   So set the scene please...was this a gig where Stitt hired them? was it an impromptu jam session?WVa Bob 		 	   		  

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