[Harp-L] Meyers/Below "Off the Wall"

   Had the distinct pleasure of working a gig with Fred Below and
mandolinist, Johnny Young.  Freddie was a sweet guy and maybe the finest
drummer in blues history.  I believe that when Louis and Dave Meyers and
Fred Below were backing up Little Walter; if a harmonica player in the
house wanted to challenge Walter, he had to go through Louis first.
   It was fascinating to me that whenever I brought up Walter to Louis or
Dave at that time, they would change the subject to another harp player.  I
recall Louis touting Forest City Joe and Junior Wells to me.  I got the
impression that Dave and Louis didn't enjoy working for Little Walter.
   Ironically also, as one of the greatest blues backing groups ever, I'm
not sure they even enjoyed being a blues band!  The brief period I hung out
with them, they were trying to put some sort of commercial copy band or
wedding band together.  And I never saw them happier than when they were
backing up legendary saxophonist Sonny Stitt and playing jazz standards all
night at a Southside club..  Fred Below was dropping bombs at his kit like
a bop drummer.
   Thanks for posting the clip.  It brings back a lot of nice memories.

Mick Zaklan

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