Re: [Harp-L] Chords

> Tom Richardson wrote:
> <How do Spirals compare to Country-tuned?  In avoidance of overblows?  In
> chords?

âMy comments here refer to Spiral with the fundamental Major scale rooted
on draw 2â

âand Blow 6.
(Other placements, shifted left or right, are possible and available.)
This layout is most relatable for diatonic players with some experience in
second position (2P) and for those who work with Melody Maker and Natural
Minor from Lee Oskar.

I have 6 short videos on youtube introducing Spiral and why I think it is
SO effective.
Watch the vid, then request the accompanying PDF by email. (Free)

Spiral places the natural 7th scale tone on Draw 5 like the Country tuned.
âSpiral also offers the 2nd scale toneâ on Blow 3 like Melody Maker and
Paddy Richter, which you would bend Draw 3 on standard harp.

Spiral offers 6 full triads (chords), 3 Major and 3 minor. (See video link)
Think Bill Withers' Lean On Me.
Add fourth hole to triads for Maj7th and minor 7th. Very tasty!

Standard diatonic contributes to the catalog of American music, primarily
in second position (2P). Spiral is NOT a substitute for this historical
sound. Spiral DOES offer far more options for single note melodies (with
draw bends) and chords.

I play all Lee Oskar harps and do not attempt overblows.

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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