Re: [Harp-L] Chords

Tom Richardson wrote:
<Richards's version of blue Monk was very cool and usual, especially the chords.  In addition to the rising of the 5th draw on Country tuning, it also <provides more chords than standard richter tuning.
<I am practicing on the Spirals.  They have a lot more chords than the Richters and alternate tuning to get all of the notes in the scale.  
<How do Spirals compare to Country-tuned?  In avoidance of overblows?  In chords?

I'm not familiar enough with spiral tuning to answer any of these questions--for one thing, I don't know which reeds on a spiral harp can be either bent or overblown--so I defer to my more knowledgeable list-mates, whoever they may be.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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