RE: [Harp-L] Light box for reed work

Joe Leone wrote, in response to my praise of Richard Sleigh's embossing

" Don't hold back Brendan...tell us how you REALLY feel." s.j

Not sure what you're trying to imply by that, Joe... To postulate: 

Being primarily a chromatic player and therefore maybe not so well informed
on diatonic matters, perhaps you think I'm making too much of Richard
Sleigh's online information regarding reed slot embossing. But if you
understood the virtual code of silence that has ruled in this area amongst
top practitioners for many years, you would appreciate how significant
Richard's openness is. I gather that some other pro customizers disapprove
of giving away this level of detail, so he is being quite brave to 'break
ranks' in this way. I know it's something he didn't do lightly, and I feel
he deserves credit for not only the amount of information he's putting out,
but also its high quality. I was simply highlighting the fact that he's
offering the harmonica world a wonderful new resource.

I should add that there is one other VERY important person who has been very
generous with his knowledge in this critical area of harmonica performance:
Rick Epping. Rick was the very first to emboss harmonica reed slots. He
termed it burnishing, and strictly speaking we should honour that by
re-adopting Rick's name for the process he invented. 

You can read his story of how he came up with the harmonica slot burnishing
idea here, in his own words:


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