Re: [Harp-L] Light box for reed work

For anyone getting into detailed reed work on their harmonicas, Richard
Sleigh's resources (tools, information, videos, advice) at his website are the best on offer anywhere. 


It's amazing to have this depth of knowledge coming from one of the very top
guys in the world at doing this stuff. Richard has been there from the very
early days of burnishing/embossing and has refined his own tools and
techniques over a period getting on for four decades. That kind of
experience is priceless, and all the more valuable for the spirit of
openness and generosity in which he is putting it out there. He's the only
big name customizer to share his hard-won secrets in this comprehensive way.


But don't be fooled. Watching a video of Richard at work is one thing,
actually doing this stuff is a whole lot else! Even with the cleverly
designed tools Richard makes available, it takes an awful lot of hours of
practice (and ruined reeds) to get the all-important FEEL for manipulating
thin brass at this delicate precision level. That kind of dedication is not
for most. If you want your harps tweaked to the utmost degree it will always
make sense to send them to guys like Richard who do this stuff day in, day
out. The quality of what you get back is worth the cost and the wait.


Brendan <>


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