Re: [Harp-L] Mouth accordion.

I've had similar ideas in the past. Don't know if this will work for you
folks, but here's a Facebook pic of something I knocked up 20-odd years ago.
Similar idea, but standard Richter tuning:

On 7 December 2015 at 05:02, Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Very interesting. However:
> 1) This is not a mouth accordion. Mouth accordions (or as they're more
> commonly known, "blow accordions") use keys or buttons to select the notes
> and use the breath simply to suppy air.
> 2) What you'e come up with appears at first to be a chord harmonica. Chord
> harmonicas have been around since perhaps the 1920s and continue to be
> produced in many forms.
> Where you get my attention is when you then go on to play melodies with it
> in addition to chords. True, the Chordomonica and the Harmonetta also had
> that capability in the past, while in the present both the Pulmonica and
> the Medical chord harmonica have such capabilities. However, your version
> may be more flexible than the Chordomonica, Pulmonica and Schaman Medical
> Chord harmonica, and easier to learn than the Harmonetta.
> May I suggest that you give more detail on how your invention improves on
> existing ideas?
> Winslow
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> Hi all.
> Let me introduce you  mouth accordion  - a musical instrument that looks
> like, is constructed and has playing technique similar to conventional
> harmonica, but it allows to play not only solo but also accompaniment in
> any  key .  Please, see detailed demonstration on the video.
> Nikita Verkhovsky

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