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I tend to agree. However, I do really enjoy the instrumental expertise of many of the players in addition several genres harmonica trio and jazz tend to leave out vocals for the most part. In addition this year and last we had a couple of really great vocal seminars (thanks Brenda), which I hope continues. 

That said I would be very interested in some suggestions from you and other members on how we improve on this aspect which is lacking. Please give some suggestions on how this would look, how we would staff it and if there would be a cost/benefit aspect. 

More seminars on voice. 
Seminars on working with a band, including vocals 
Jams which specifically include vocals for those that want it. This may also help reduce the large groups which some jams get and offer some variety. 

Suggestion: volunteer to work on this. 

Thanks Jerry 

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I hope I made it clear that I am not really indicting SPAH - most of the 
attendees love it. And I probably could have summed up my thoughts more 
succinctly. What I was trying to explain is that what I do mostly these 
days, what I am most interested in, is using harmonica to accompany a band, 
with a singer or singers, in a way that serves the song and not the 
instrument. SPAH is amazing and it has a great variety of music (much of 
which I like!) with a huge amount of harp soloing and showing off (In a 
good way!)...There just is not much music like I'm playing these days and 
would love to hear. 


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