Re: [Harp-L] Country tuned harps: a tuning chart

Right Joe. It's only a bloody mouth organ anyway! haha!

On 7 August 2015 at 13:02, Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Aug 6, 2015, at 3:56 PM, Richard Hunter wrote:
> > The information on precise setups for the Country tuning is very
> interesting to me.  I confess that I've always acquired country-tuned harps
> either by
> > 1) buying a harp in that tuning, or
> > 2) tuning the draw 5 reed by ear.  In this case, I just tune it until it
> sounds good.  (Then I stop tuning.)
> Yeah, I'm pretty much in that proverbial boat. I have a Seiko tuner. It's
> very sensitive. If someone were cracking gum a block away, the needle will
> move. As for tuning within a couple cents? Ha, I'm not that good. No, I
> tune by ear till the draw chord is sweet. At least to MY ear.
> Oh, and btw, I hate to bust anyone's dirigible, but a harp is NEVER in
> tune. Not even lately. Otherwise why would one have to tune..then let the
> harp set a while, and then tune AGAIN? No, we can get close and that's
> about it.
> Now don't get me wrong. I realize that there is a whole cottage
> industry..and in some cases tantamount to a 'castle' industry involving
> tunings. And I have nothing BUT admiration for those pioneers that are
> engaged in that. BUT, the moment you tune a harp, it is already degrading.
> I have to muse at these people who are anal to the point of getting a harp
> spot on on all reeds, THEN going up and blowing the living bejeezes out of
> them. And most of time at a venue that is infested with loud outside events
> and their ancillary noises. Breaking glassware, dragging chairs, falling
> silverware. yakety yak..don't talk back, and all that jazz.
> Nope, out there in the gig players world. That world that's worlds away
> from the concert players world, tuning is under appreciated and soon
> reaches the realm of diminishing returns..time wise. And frankly, I don't
> have the time to be that fussy. At a fest, where everyone is sitting there
> with their ears glued to your every note, maybe a somewhat accurate tuning
> would be nice.
> smo-joe
> >
> > I suppose if I had an electronic tuner that allowed me to get precise
> about the cents involved, I might use it for this purpose.  But nowadays I
> mostly just buy them in the tuning I want.
> >
> > Thanks, Richard Hunter
> >
> >

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