[Harp-L] The continuing story of an RP to PA set-up.

It would be an overstatement to say that I thought my endless problems with sound would simply disappear once I got an RP pedal, equipped with Richard Hunter´s sound patches. But I had hope: just plug the mic into the effects box and connect that into the PA!
  Now I´ve tried this on four or five different units -- and this time I´m using the proper cables, which Richard H was kind enough to advice me on -- but it´s the same old story. 

  That is, as long as I stick to the reverb/delay patches, everything is fine -- but when it comes to those with distortion I couldn´t even have a gig here in my kitchen: People would complain I was too low. 

  Those patches are, e.g. no 12--14, and 20: unfortunately those that I find the most interesting, but they give me noting but feedback in return.


Please note, this is in No Way meant to reflect poorly on Richard´s work or on the RP: it´s been terribly useful to me in a controlled recording context, but right now, for a live gig, I´m better outfitted with my Boss EQ and a reverb pedal and then into the board.

Do any of you guys recognize this? And if so, have you managed to do anything about it?
  I´m using an Beyerdynamic mic, straight to a RP 150 connected to the PA, which is an old Peavey that´s just been refurbished by a friend.

Does this ever end? I once again curse the day that I took up this impossible instrument with all of its problems. But there you go, at 57 it´s a bit too late to start on the saxophone ...


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