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Exactly....a fast train jumping the track into the Pottery a Barn 

Mike Wilbur

> On Sep 28, 2014, at 8:46 AM, chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Where is the "phrasing" and more importantly WHERE is the melody?
> Rob Paparozzi
> Melodymeister,-)
> Excuse my brevity,
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>> On Sep 27, 2014, at 2:36 PM, EGS1217@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Randy: I already love everything about YOUR music, and greatly admire your  
>> love for Toots and HIS playing. I'm a huge fan of Will's as well for that  
>> matter.
>> I too think Yvonnik is a brilliant young musician with chops for days and I 
>> can assure you I'm not remotely jealous of you, Toots, Will, him or any  
>> chromatic player. Quite the contrary--I have the utmost admiration for those 
>> who  can play so brilliantly....but here's the thing.
>> I'm just not THAT into bebop, while I DO love Jazz. How does this  make me 
>> (specifically)'not open enough for anything other than what you(I)  know'?
>> Seriously: that's a pretty big condemnation of those who have wide-ranging  
>> tastes in both music and jazz. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cherokee. 
>> But  I'll tell you this, I could NOT sit through an entire evening (as an 
>> audience  member) of that level of jazz on chromatic. 
>> While it might be everything you say--at a higher intellectual level than  
>> we mere mortals are intelligent enough to grasp (that IS your strong  
>> implication?) --I have sat through countless evenings of 4 hour  non-stop 
>> performancess by Jason Ricci playing at equally  fast speeds of mostly improv. HIS 
>> music 'spoke to me', is the main  difference. Bebop on a chromatic just 
>> doesn't. 
>> But why should it? We're all different - my first exposure to music  was 
>> Scottish bagpipes - I'm sure entirely different from yours or most others  
>> here, and if everyone in the civilized world loved to hear this as you seem to  
>> think we should, I suspect it wouldn't really please you since there's a 
>> certain  satisfaction in considering one's musical tastes 'special'. 
>> Personally, I love Big Band era Jazz. I can also get into many of Davis,  
>> Cochrane, Parker performances - depending on the time of day (or evening)  
>> --or my mood at a particular moment. But bottom line is that this extremely  
>> fast playing on chromatic wouldn't be my first choice to listen to on my CD  
>> player for entertainment. What I DO enjoy is more mellow and melodious 
>> music.  Does that put me well down the rung of intellectuality in your book? 
>> Perhaps.  Not a problem, but I can't imagine thusly judging someone's intellect 
>> by the  kind of music they enjoy recreationally.
>> Something to ponder: perhaps some truly do like bebop on piano, bass,  
>> trumpet and/or bari sax but not on chromatic harmonica no matter how  talented 
>> the player because it simply sounds too 'sharp' to their  ears. Possible?
>> Best,
>> Elizabeth
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>> Subject: [Harp-L] video- CHEROKEE by Yvonnick  Prene
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>> Another astounding jazz chromatic solo!
>> Many players do not like  bebop for many reasonsâ.too many notesâthey donâ
>> t understand itââetc.
>> I  believe that it is just jealousy that they are not in command of their  
>> instrument and therefore do not like hearing others in total musical  
>> command.
>> It is the highest calling of a musician to be able to improvise  in any 
>> key, at any tempo to any song and jazz is the vehicle for the highest  form of
>> music imo. I read somewhere that the brains of jazz musicians are  almost 
>> super human or something like that.
>> Many will argue, go ahead but  if you donât like jazz it might because you 
>> are not open enough for anything  other than what you  know.
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