[Harp-L] Ultimate goal of a musician

I think the "center of the universe" for a musician is "I do it because it
feels good."
Everything else is tangent to that, and very individual. It's certainly not
about how "open" I am.*

You may choose from these, and probably more :

   1. how well I play
   2. how fast
   3. how impressed others are
   4. how well I sight-read
   5. how many songs in how many keys
   6. which forms and traditions of music I play
   7. which instruments
   8. how much I get paid
   9. how well I interact musically with other musicians
   10. ?

And the real joy, is that I can enjoy my place along the path at that
I can even admire others for what they do, even when I can't, or choose not
to, do the same.

*Have you noticed that I am "open minded" when we agree, but "closed
minded" when we do not?

Robert Hale
serious honkage in Mesa, Arizona

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