Re: [Harp-L] video- CHEROKEE by Yvonnick Prene

I think you're mixing up jazz with bee-bop Steve. Progressive jazz isn't as hard charging as bee-bop. First of all, there's a 'head' that you can recognize. Then the solos are broken up and never 7 verses long. 
When you run a solo out too long, people tend to get overloaded. Some say that bee-bop ruined jazz. Because (some say) that once this level of expertise was achieved, people exPECTED that level from then on. 
I have had an ear on Mr. Prene for several years, and consider him one of the best technicians around. The first thing that always enters my mind when I hear someone THIS good is: 'What else do they do? Is this their life'?.
And, of course, no one should be jealous. Because think of the 'mileage' this phenom has put on harp. 

smo-joe..just an opine  

On Sep 27, 2014, at 1:18 PM, Steve Webb wrote:

> I don't like jazz, even a little bit. I can appreciate the talent and hard work and musicianship it takes to play like this, but it does absolutely nothing for me. There is no "feel" to that music, IMO. 
> I don't care what music anyone likes. I think it's cool that they like music. But I am certainly not jealous.
> Steve in Minn.
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>> On Sep 27, 2014, at 10:01 AM, Michael Rubin <michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I love jazz and it is my main study right now.   However, you're argument
>> seems pretty ridiculous.  Jazz is the best because it's the hardest.  If
>> you don't like it it's because you're not as good!  Whatever, music is
>> subjective.
>> Michael Rubin
>>> On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Slim Heilpern <slim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> No argument here! Yvonnick is an amazing player and he's put out a lot of
>>> great stuff over the last couple of years -- a ton of youtube videos and
>>> some really nice studio albums.
>>> I encourage folks who like what he's doing to actually support his work by
>>> buying a CD or 2 (I have "Introducing", "Jour de FeTe", and "Wonderful
>>> World" and really dig them all). The first one "Introducing" he doesn't
>>> even mention on his website ( -- I think it was
>>> download-only from CD Baby and then was removed at some point. All 3 albums
>>> are well produced and sound terrific. Of the 3, "Wonderful World" may be
>>> the most accessible to those who aren't hard core jazz fans -- some really
>>> beautiful, as well as hot, stuff on that one -- mostly standards performed
>>> in the gypsy swing style. "Jour de FeTe" is in a modern jazz style, very
>>> introspective and tasty. Check out the samples online and don't just
>>> spotify -- put some cash on the table ;-).
>>> Like a number of today's great young jazz musicians, he's starting out
>>> with extremely serious chops that exceed what I expect to achieve in my
>>> lifetime. That does make me a bit jealous, but more power to him for
>>> dedicating himself to this amazing music and having the talent and drive to
>>> pull it off. So I just put my ego aside and enjoy the ride.
>>> - Slim.
>>>> On Sep 26, 2014, at 7:18 PM, Randy Singer wrote:
>>>> Another astounding jazz chromatic solo!
>>>> Many players do not like bebop for many reasons….too many notes…they
>>> don’t understand it……etc.
>>>> I believe that it is just jealousy that they are not in command of their
>>> instrument and therefore do not like hearing others in total musical
>>> command.
>>>> It is the highest calling of a musician to be able to improvise in any
>>> key, at any tempo to any song and jazz is the vehicle for the highest form
>>> of
>>>> music imo. I read somewhere that the brains of jazz musicians are almost
>>> super human or something like that.
>>>> Many will argue, go ahead but if you don’t like jazz it might because
>>> you are not open enough for anything other than what you know.

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