Re: [Harp-L] Re: breaking in new harps

On 21.09.2014, at 22:32, Robert Hale wrote:

> The reed is a metal spring. Takes x-number of flexes before it fails. Degree and duration of bends are additional variables, too. 
> I've never been asked to drive my new car "gently on the springs" for the first few miles.

Maybe not, but hopefully you've been advised not to push the engine too hard for the 1st few miles. I stand by my experience as stated and have no doubt that it takes a while for certain aspects to optimize. With new harps I find OBs tend to be more prone to squeaking and generally more difficult to hit and control. After playing for a while this improves. Most guitarists ain't too keen on brand new strings either. In both cases this may be due to the gradual build up of dried bodily secretions ;-)

Steve Baker

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