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I never "break in" new harps, I just just break 'em! ..LOL  Seriously though, I agree with each harp having it's own personality, and the need to get used to it, namely finding the point where the reeds effectively bend, so you don't overstress them and blow them out.  The trick is to get the bend you want without damaging the reed. And, on that note (pun intended) I think it is more important to gently "warm up" your harps up a little before each time you play, especially in cold weather. Cold reeds are less flexible, regardless of the metal alloy.

I hope this information helps

Keep Harpin'!
Pat Powers

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I have read conflicting things about the need to break in a new harp, like gentle playing at first to ease the movement of the reeds so they have less shock. Another will say they need no break in, just blast the hell out of them. I am normally a pretty hard player and have taken the give 'em hell approach, but I have wondered if my harps might last longer if I treated them gently for a bit before gigging with them. I thought I'd ask for opinions on here and see what the experience of some other players might benefit me. Thanx in advance.
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