Re: [Harp-L] breaking in new harps

I am a pretty hard player on a harp. I have always found if I am"gentle"  
with the new harp for the first few weeks, they seem to play better as  well 
as become more responsive for the remaining life of the harp. I have had  
most of my Marine Bands last for an average of 3-5 years. Although there are  
exceptions both ways, shorter and longer lifespans. Mostly exceptions tend 
to be  a longer than 5 year life. When I get a good one I cherish it.
Best to all, 
Chris Mastakas
In a message dated 9/20/2014 9:32:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
philharpn@xxxxxxx writes:

What  nobody has mentioned is the variation in playing styles.

Some  people breathe through their harps

Some people play through their  harps

Others uses a strong percussive attack

With all  this variation in playing styles: medium, soft and hard there is 
bound to be  some difference in how -- and how long -- the reeds respond.

Some  people make their harps for a long time; others use their harps up in 
a single  gig.

I don't think break-in generally has much to do with it. It's  how the harp 
is played, not whether it is broken in gently or  ever.

FWIW: I find that NOT playing adds greatly to the  longevity of individual  

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