[Harp-L] Breaking in a new harp

Steve <moorcot@xxxxxxx> wrote:
<...last year I bought two Seydel Session Steels and neither of them went past 
an hour's playing before a reed went totally south (and with other reeds 
<drifting out of tune).  They are not the most expensive harps in the world but 
any harp that lasts an hour or less is astronomically expensive.  
    The "breaking in" in harps myth has been debunked many times here on Harp-L thru the years, 
I remember one particular post from Vern that gave a lucid technical explanation why. Perhaps Vern 
will chime in and re-post that one.  Other than that, can we assume that you don't ruin any other harps? 
  Bending notes past "the floor" - far enough past the note you are shooting for so that you are actually bending 
the note flatter than you are supposed to - will quickly require a reed to be re-tuned and eventually replaced.
I'm curious if the same reed went bad in both of your harps.  For example was it 4 hole draw on both harps? 
   It's been a long time since i bought one since my harps last years, but isn't there a guarantee on Sydel harps?
ron - FL Keys

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