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I guess that could be considered an "acoustic" Wah?  ...and if you could cup the harp with your feet (and play it), would that be considered an "acoustic Wah-Wah pedal???"  ...LOL

Keep Harpin'!
Pat Powers

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What? No hands?

> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] acoustic harp.
> From: mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 12:59:14 -0400
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> Smo-Joe
> Good question as I have heard several different definition's, my definition world be
> With or without amplification but .....without any other effects.
> Mike Wilbur
> On Sep 19, 2014, at 10:23 AM, Joseph Leone <3n037@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> I would seriously like to know exactly what acoustic harp IS? Is it undistorted? Unamplified? Or is it a matter of playing through a pa without additional effects? OR no pa at all?
> > Or no amplifier at all? Or just playing out into the atmosphere in the general area surrounding the player? Any takers? 
> > 
> > smo-joe

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