Re: [Harp-L] Solo Harmonica

Steve Marchena wrote:
<I am classical guitarist with a ruptured tendon. Planning on performing some solo harmonica in place of the guitar at some upcoming concerts while my <finger heals. 
<Some of the arrangements I've been working on: "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" by Duke Ellington (Big Walter's arrangement), "Winter Sun At Nobska" by <Richard Hunter, "Coisley Hill"by PC Hopkinson, Buddy Green's classical medley...

Hi Steve, thanks for covering "Winter Sun," one of my early solo compositions.  You can find two CDs worth of solo compositions and arrangements for harmonica in my CDs "The Act of Being Free in One Act" and "The Second Act of Free Being," both available at CD Baby and amazon (but CD baby pays me better... I'm just sayin'...).

You can also find a number of my more-recent solo performances here:

Some of the stuff on that page is free, some of it requires payment to download; but you can listen to any of it without paying.

Contact me directly for information on the tunings used on those pieces if necessary.  My solo repertoire includes pieces that use about six different diatonic tunings; it's not always obvious which tuning is used and how.  (One of my pieces uses a Dorian Minor tuning in 5th position; it's not easy to suss it out unless you know which reeds are altered.)  Most of the tunings involved are available off the shelf, or are easily constructed by combining reed plates from different "standard" tunings.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

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