[Harp-L] Assorted Vintage Mics for Sale

Hello List,
While packing up for moving I ran across a couple of boxes of assorted mics. These mics were picked up here and there at garage sales, electronics stores etc. over the course of 30+ years. I think it's time to pass along what I dont use. If anyone on this list is remotely interested I will provide a detailed list and photos. 
Some work and some dont. I can provide that detail also. There are JT30s, Shure 520s American element (not DX), EVs, other Shures, Astatic T3, WWII "Salt Shaker" (American brand I think), Turners, and on and on.
I will gladly make a price for the whole lot as well just to keep things simple.
I would be willing to make demo YouTubes if needs be. Some photos are on my FB page. Some are only shells.
Please contact me OFF LIST for more detail.

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